Here are some testimonials from current and past students:

“You and your students have been welcoming, patient, respectful, and inspiring, truly. Your school is by far the most beautiful, kindest I have trained at. And your method of teaching is so personal, warm, and unique. I am thankful to have been a part of your class. Even after such a brief time training, I have learned many new skills, and much improvement on certain moves. Having done martial arts for so long, I thought I had a lot of that stuff down pat, but you have taught me that kung fu is actually more effective, smoother, and logical than much of what I have learned in previous arts.

I can’t thank you enough for your time and efforts. You clearly love what you do, and that reflects in your school.”

-Alexa B.
University student

“[Sifu Jeremy Hoemsen] takes the transmission of Wing Chun to students very seriously but also is attentive to the people he is leading who enjoy his amiable and genuine nature. His commitment to Wing Chun is substantial.

He has invested a lot of himself into following his dream of teaching Wing Chun. He is an excellent person who inspires trust in those who know him. “

-Sifu Bill S.
Dynamic Defense

“I started attending classes at the Wing Chun Punch Club after moving away from home and being out of martial arts for several years. I’m so glad I joined this club! Jeremy has a great teaching style. His creativity and flexibility makes learning Wing Chun a lot of fun, and I appreciate his straightforwardness and focus on practical application. He is great at giving feedback and challenging his students to push themselves mentally and physically. The other students at the club are a great group of people that always support each other. I would encourage martial artists interested in Kung Fu to give this club a try, and the same goes for people new to martial arts! It can be intimating to take the plunge but it is honestly a ton of fun, a good workout and a great way to learn what your body can do. “

-Cait R.
Occupational Therapist

“I cannot thank Sifu Jeremy enough for his dedication to his students. Not only is he knowledgeable in Wing Chun, but he also weaves other martial arts into his training, creating dynamic and exhilarating real life scenarios. Training at Wing Chun Punch Club has been an amazing experience. It is an environment where your confidence, determination and friendships grow. The students, as well as Sifu Jeremy, are very welcoming, friendly and willing to help with any issue.

It is astonishing how fast three hours of class fly by when you are enjoying every second of it. If you go for the knife fighting and weapons classes, you will want to stay forever!”

-Kit M.
Paramedic, BCAS

“The training that I get at Wing Chun Punch club is second to none. Jeremy always brings out the best in me while showing us the best way to achieve our goals. If you are looking for excellent instruction and a very welcoming environment, then Wing Chun Punch Club is the place to go!”

-Bruno G.
Owner/Coach CrossFit Stasis