What We Offer

  • Our Professional Martial Arts Training services are expert instruction of self protection, close quarters combat, based on Chinese kung fu and real world experience.
  • Wing Chun is the most effective martial art for people of any size or fitness level. There are clear benefits you will see from the first class. It is a simple system designed specifically by Shaolin kung fu masters to take less training time and be more effective than any other fighting style.
  • Principles apply to any possible situation: standing, seated/wheelchair, kneeling, on the ground, against a wall, empty hand or weapons, multiple attackers.
  • We train empty hand striking/kicking & joint manipulation, chi sau (contact reflex training), knife fighting, double sword, single & double stick, 6-9 foot long staff. There is no partner contact with striking techniques – that’s why we use heavy bags & focus mitts. Our Canada-wide curriculum of the Canadian Wing Chun Association continues to evolve.
  • Please be ready at least 5 minutes prior to class. Training twice per week is the suggested minimum.

Martial Arts Training Services: Private Lessons

Can’t make it to all the regular classes?

Want more one-on-one training?

Try out our private lessons. Get all the training you want in one-on-one sessions with Sifu Jeremy Hoemsen in a way that fits your schedule.

Contact Sifu Jeremy for rates.