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  • Wing Chun is the most effective martial art for people of any size or fitness level and has clear benefits you will see from the first class. It is a simple system designed specifically by Shaolin kung fu masters to take less training time and be more effective than any other fighting style. Principles apply to any possible situation. Please be ready at least 5 minutes prior to class. Training twice per week is the suggested minimum.
  • Urban Survival Systems® is a community dedicated to exploring and educating people in the reality of streetfighting. U.S.S.® was formed 15 years ago by personnel protection specialist and fighter Edward Wong. People in the field of security, law enforcement, military and street fighting make up U.S.S.® . We are a group run by people who have years of street experience and not by theoretical application of traditional martial arts. Hardcore training and being open minded to more practical and realistic martial arts training is of the utmost importance in U.S.S.® We always strive to become a more efficient “fighting machine”.
  • Qi Chun combines ancient Chinese Qi Gong, Yoga, western sports medicine, Wing Chun, and more! Breathing, stretching, sitting and standing, it is rejuvenating and a relaxing workout.
  • Hapkido utilizes more than 1100 core techniques, which are modified or combined to create thousands of variations to encompass offensive and defensive modes, against single or multiple opponents. Hapkido techniques include: strikes, kicks, blocks, avoiding movements, holds, joint locks, chokes, throws, break-falls, tumbling and rolling, jumps, ground fighting, weapons, meditation, and healing. At Hapkido dojang, all type of techniques are being taught and practiced. Call Tim @ 250-516-0333, or visit hapkidovi.com

Training Dummies

Interested in a training dummy for your home gym? Get your own dummy, made by hand by Sifu Jeremy.

One dummy: Non-Student Price: $1000 – Student Price: $600

Private Lessons

Can’t make it to the full classes?

Want more one-on-one training?

Try out our private lessons. Get all the training you want in one-on-one sessions with Sifu Jeremy Hoemsen in a way that fits your schedule.

Contact Sifu Jeremy for rates.