About the Club

Headed by Sifu Jeremy Hoemsen, the Wing Chun Club is located in Colwood, on Vancouver Island, BC.

While our training is primarily Wing Chun Kung Fu, we incorporate some other healthy training aspects. Maybe do some Kung Fu fighting & learn some Filipino stick drills. Or stretch with some yoga and improve energy & strength with ancient qi gong.

* FULLY ACCESSIBLE morning training so come try some wheelchair self defence!

Who trains with us? Men & Women, Military, Security Professionals, Emergency Workers (Fire/Paramedics), Para-Athletes.  Anyone else from the neighbourhood who is interested in a COMMON SENSE APPROACH to learning Real Self Defence. (16 years and older please)

We use heavy bags, resistance bands, focus mitts, modern and ancient training techniques and equipment. As members of the Canadian Wing Chun Association, we teach a complete version of the Art that embraces the best of both Traditional and modified versions of Wing Chun. We refer to this simply as Wing Chun since it reflects the optimized nature of the Art, always seeking the simplest, most direct path.

Do you want to learn effective self-defense or improve fitness? Experience all the mind and body benefits of training in the most practical of martial arts? ! Our relaxed and professional classes combined with an unparalleled curriculum guarantee your success. Contact us now to get started! Give us a call or email today to begin your training.

About Wing Chun

The history of Wing Chun is one that can be considered an intermixing of both fact and legend. This quick and efficient martial art originated during the 17th century from the far more rigorous and complex art forms taught in the Shaolin Temple of Southern China.
When the Manchus came to power in China around this period, they began their strict rule in order to keep control. Due to their support for the Ming, the Shaolin monks faced great pressure and ultimate destruction to their temples. Because martial arts practitioners were forced into hiding, the exact origin lacks consistent records.

Grandmaster Ip Man passed along this history/legend. Although the Art was taught throughout history, it was rarely officially documented. Many people highly regard Grandmaster Ip Man as the greatest and most insightful teacher of this branch of Kung Fu. He would move to Hong Kong in 1948 where he became the first master to teach the public and make the Art what it is today.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the Wikipedia Page


The Club is proud to be affiliated with the Canadian Wing Chun Association, Great Way Martial Arts, Dynamic Defense, Breakthrough Martial Arts in Vernon & Kitchener, and Sifu Chad Smith from Vancouver Wing Chun.